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Xingfeng Unipipe


With introduced production technology and equipments from abroad, Zhejiang Xianfeng Machinery Factory manufactures and markets the world 90's advanced Xinfeng Unipipe (Al-PE Composite Pipe) since 1997. 

Xinfeng Unipipe is a new penetration of pipe engineering and a great reformation of pipe manufacture. It has many sharp chemical and physical properties, with which it enjoys advantages of both metal pipe and plastic pipe, thus has been widely used in cold and hot water, gas, compressed air, solar energy and air-conditioned, heating, medical, foodstuff and chemical fluid supply pipe systems, of both industrial and household. It's the best substitute for all-plastic pipe, copper pipe and Galvanized pipe.

With complying with ASTM standards of USA in its manufacture and productions, tested by national authorities, Xinfeng Unipipe's quality meets completely that of USA and European Similar products.


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1. Inside PE/X-PE
2. Bonding
3. AL
4. Bonding
5. Outside PE/X-PE
Xinfeng Unipipe's inner and outside layers are of special PE, Hygienic, toxic-free and smooth, Its middle layer of AL is able to refuse 100% of gas permeability, give it both advantages of metal and plastic pipe, but eliminate their own disadvantages.

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Xinfeng Unipipe's fitting is resistant to corrosion and Hi-pressure, every sector of which parts strengthening into pipe is able to avoid leakage of gas and liquid, and is not affected by moving, connecting easily, tighter of the nut tighter of fitting with pipe, all can avoid gas and liquid leakage.
Characters & Advantages:
  • Wide range working temp, Hi-pressure resistance
  • More 30% flow than metal pipe
  • 50-year working life
  • Non-corrosive, scale-free
  • Hygiene, no oxygen permeability, no growth of microorganism
  • Non-inflammable, non-static
  • Easy bending but never spring back
  • Light in weight, easy to carry and store
  • Few pipe fitting applying leading to few leakage
  • Easy to install, wide range of usage 
Mechanical Parameter:
Thermal Conductivity: 0.45 W/m.K
Thermal Expansibility: 2.5*10-5 m/m.K
Bending Radius: >=5D (D=Outer Diameter)
Working Temperature: -40°C~+95°C
Working Pressure: 1.0 MPa

Cool & Hot Water Pipe System

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Its smooth inside appearance, rust-free and scalefree leading to a more 30% flow of Xinfeng Unipioe than metal pipe. East bending, installed directly on girder, buried inside wall and cement concrete, Xinfeng Unipioe can be found with a simple metal detector, it's very suitable for cold and hot water system of both household and industry. 
Housing Gas Pipe System

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The continually-welded middle layer of AL-Pipe makes Xinfeng Unipipe able to stand Hi-working Pressure and no gas(oxygen) permeability, it's long enough to decrease fitting attached, thus no leakage. Xinfeng Unippe, used in compressed air, gas, oxygen etc. supply line is assured safe.
Underfloor Heading System

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Hard but able to bend. not accessible to deform because of pressure, even deformed, not split never spring back and long enough, it decreased fitting applying to avoid flow resistance and leakage, it enjoys a wide range of working temperature (-40°C ~ +95°C ). Underfloor heating is a hygiene and Hi-class heating system, which has been widely used in world.

Few pipe meets the technical requirements of underfloor heating system, but Xinfeng Unipipe can do it!

Solar Energy & Air-conditioning Matching Pipe System

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Not accessible to frost and Hi-thermal preservation can save the cost of thermal-preservation, thus give these systems hi-efficiency working
Medicical, Foodstuff & Chemical Industry Pipe System
Xinfeng Unipipe's inside and outside PE doesn't react chemically, and it's no leakage, hygiene and safe. As medical and oxygen supply pipe, it can be assured safe and the purity of its carrying mediia. As foodstuff industrial fluid supply pipe, it's corrosion-resistant. contamination-resistant to assure foodstuff not to be contaminated during manufacture. Below 60°C, PE is able to stand all kind of(in density) acid and alkali solutions, static-tree, thus it can be just used in chemical industry but needless to extra protection.

Executive Standards:

ASTM F1281/F1282 Standards of USA
We are approved by ISO9002 Quality Control System.

Specification & Install


Outer Diameter(mm)

Inner Diameter(mm)

Unit Weight(kg/m)

Coil (m)

1014 14 10 0.098 200
1216 16 12 0.102 200
1418 18 14 0.14 100
1620 20 16 0.162 100
2025 25 20 0.202 50,100
2632 32 26 0.313 25,50
















Easy Install:

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pipe.install1.JPG (5277 字节) pipe.install2.JPG (5845 字节) pipe.install3.JPG (5239 字节) pipe.install4.JPG (5218 字节)

Bending but never spring back

Easily cut


Needless to thread


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Fitting Accessories

Fitting Tools