Swing Gate Operators

The K207, K207DC, K207U swing series are used to drive swing gates for industrial, commercial and residential uses. The biggest push power of the device is 1500N. To protect the device, an electric lock is provided to install when the width of gate leaf is more than 1.5 meters. In case of power failure, an emergency release key allows operate gate manually.

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Swing gate

Advanced Features:

ball2.gif (1499 字节)   Self-locking and reversible electromechanical gearmotor
ball2.gif (1499 字节)  Body in die-case aluminium
ball2.gif (1499 字节)   Adjustable support brackets
ball2.gif (1499 字节)  Built-in micro switches for gate opening arrest
ball2.gif (1499 字节)  Opening angle up to 105 degree
ball2.gif (1499 字节)  One model only for left and right hand
ball2.gif (1499 字节)  Overheat or over-current protection
ball2.gif (1499 字节)   Time-delay protection
ball2.gif (1499 字节)  DC12V electric lock
ball2.gif (1499 字节)  Emergency release key in case of power failure
ball2.gif (1499 字节)  Control panel wiring are available to safety device, alarm lamp and remote controller

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Electric Controller:

Two types is optional:
1. Remote Controller inside
2. With button switch

Technical Specifications:

Model K207 K207DC K207U
Power supply 220V/50Hz 24VDC 110V/60Hz
Motor power 110W 45W 100W
Thrust 1500N 1500N 1500N
Opening angle 90 to 105 degree 90 to 105 degree 90 to 105 degree
Max. leaf weight 150kg 150kg 150kg
Max. leaf width 2m 2m 2m
Opening time 26sec 18sec 26sec
Duty cycle 25% 25% 25%
Working temperature -25°C to 40°C -25°C to 40°C -25°C to 40°C