Rolling Door Operators

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KJ500, KJ600

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KJ500C, KJ600C

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The KJ500, KJ600 and KJ1000 rolling door operators are used to drive rolling door (rolling shutter) from 500kg to 1000kg. Which featured with powerful starting strength, overworking for a short time and overheat protection when overloaded. In case of power failure, a release chain can be used to operate door manually.
Advanced Features:

ball2.gif (1499 字节)  Loading up to 1000kg
ball2.gif (1499 字节)  Available in 3-phase power (KJ500 & KJ600)
ball2.gif (1499 字节)  Limit switch unit enables precise adjustment of door in both up and down positions
ball2.gif (1499 字节)  Overhead protection
ball2.gif (1499 字节)  Electric and manual operations
ball2.gif (1499 字节)  Release chain in case of power failure
ball2.gif (1499 字节)  Control panel wiring are available to safety device, alarm lamp and remote controller

Button.jpg (6490 字节)

Button switch for KJ500C/KJ600C

KJ500.Controller.jpg (7351 字节)

Electric controller for KJ500/KJ600/KJ1000

KJ500C.installation.jpg (11239 字节)

Rolling door operator installation view

Technical Specifications:

Model KJ500 series KJ600 series KJ1000 series
Power supply 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 3P-380V/50Hz
Motor revolutions 1400rpm 1400rpm 1380rpm
Rated power 370W 370W 500W
Max. lifting load 500kg 600kg 1000kg
Max. roller diameter 127mm 127mm 165mm
Roller revolutions 6.2rpm 5.3rpm 4.15rpm
Transmit ratio 210:1 252:1 312:1
Operator weight 12kg 12kg 21kg

Model Outfit:

Model Power supply Control Model Accessories Type


KJ500 220V/50Hz Electric controller KJ500 accessories The accessories contains:

chain wheel, chain wheel bracket, chain, roller, roller connector and bearing mount.

KJ600 KJ600 accessories
KJ500C 220V/50Hz Button switch (the control panel built-in the motor cover) KJ500 accessories
KJ600C KJ600 accessories
KJ1000 3p-380V/50Hz Electric controller KJ1000 accessories