PP-R Pipes
(Polypropylene Random Copolymer Type 3)

The "XINFENG" brand PP-R pipe is one of the latest pipes resulting from European advanced technology of gos. Its raw materials, a propylene random copolymer, are imported from Europe. The quality of our PP-R pipes is entirely up to the standard of DIN8077/8078 of Germany.

Featured by excellent cleanness, cost effectiveness, applicability and advantage in safety, it is considered as the optimal pipe material for cold and hot water system, water purifying engineering, underground heating system for wooden floor, chemical pipe works and so on.

  • Sanitary and innoxious. This kind of product belongs to the green building materials, so they can be applied to the pure drinking water pipeline systems.
  • Thermal insulating: Under the set long-time continuous working pressure, the water temperature transmitted by the pipes can be as high as 95C.
  • Corrosion resistance and scale free: Both the outside and inside surfaces are smooth, so the resisting force of flowing water is low. Blockage due to water scales and yellow stains on water basins and fish tanks can be avoided. 
  • Heat insulating and energy saving: The coefficient of heat conductivity is only 0.5% over that of the metal pipes. The heat insulating and energy saving effects are very good when the pipes are utilized for hot water pipes. 
  • Light weight and high strength: The specific gravity is only one-eighth over that of the metal pipes. The pressure resisting test strength is over 5Mpa(50kg/cm2),so the products have good ductility and impact resistance.
  • Convenient and reliable installation: Hot-fusion junctions are adopted. One junction can be finished in several seconds. The pipes are connected with the metal tubes and water utensils with copper-inlaid joints, so are reliable.
  • Long service life: The service life of the pipes can last 50-odd years under regular operating conditions.


  • Residential cold and hot water system
  •  Underground heating system
  •  Conveyor of industrial water and chemical material
  •  Sanitary and pure water pipelines
  •  Hot water recycling system
  •  Compressed air pipelines
  •  Drink manufacturing and conveying system
  •  Other industrial and agricultural pipelines

Pipe Fittings:

Equal Socket

Reducing Socket

 Elbow 90

Elbow 45

Equal Tee

Reducing Tee

End Cap

Screw Plug

Socket Adapter
Female Thread

Socket Adapter
Male Thread

Elbow 90
Female Thread

Elbow 90
Male Thread

Tee 90
Female Thread

Tee 90
Male Thread

Stop Valve

Fusion Welder

Socket Union

Pipe Clip

Step-Over Bend

Pipe Cutter