Hunting Knives

The series of multi-function hunting knives are made of special high quality stainless steel, have the advantages of nice appearance, complete function, precise design, excellent quality. They are widely used to outfiting army, police, parachuter or hunter for field, defense, survival, fighting and hunting uses.

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5.8 Seires Knives 

Parachuter Knives


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  Used as bayonet installed on rifle  
ball2.gif (1499 字节)  Used as a dagger  
ball2.gif (1499 字节)  Used as a chopper to chop, cut or split  
ball2.gif (1499 字节)  Can cut off wire netting or iron wire that diameter less than 4 mm  
ball2.gif (1499 字节)  Can saw reinforcing steel, iron bars and so on  
ball2.gif (1499 字节)  Can cut lighting circuit  
ball2.gif (1499 字节)  Can tighten up screw with the jut on the knife's sheath  
ball2.gif (1499 字节)  Can open pot with the point of the knife  
ball2.gif (1499 字节)  With an emergency honing stone on sheath  
ball2.gif (1499 字节)  Total weight is 0.59kg, total length is 34cm  

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M9 Style Field Knives

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It's a great heavy-duty field knife. The blade is forged steel, "zone heat treated," with a Rockwell count of 56-58, and it holds an edge. Handles are made of strengthened nylon. The M9 weighs slightly less than 0.9 kg. Major features include a sawtooth back edge that will cut wood, metal, rope or ice. When coupled with the pivot peg on its sheath, the M9 becomes an efficient wirecutter. It even has a built-in bottle opener, and the rugged plastic sheath includes an emergency honing stone.

Overall lenth 311 mm, blade 181 mm; handle 130 mm.
Comes with rugged sheath, including pouch.

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Model D8.0 Knives:

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Overall length 312mm, blade 182mm, weight 1.0 kg.

Blade is special military stainless steel and the handle is made of rosewood, brass pommel in Talmi gold. They have a saw-toothed back edge for cutting wood, rope, metal and ice. Comes with rugged black plastic sheath, includes a built-in bottle & tin opener, an emergency honing stone, and a whistle, also you can tighten up screw with the jut on the sheath.